Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Americans Abroad

In 2011, more than 27 million Americans traveled abroad by air, according to the Office of Travel and Tourism Industries. Thirty-nine percent were traveling on vacation, 35 percent were visiting friends or relatives, and 18 percent were doing business.

Among U.S. residents who traveled abroad by air, 84 percent visited only one country. The most popular destinations (excluding Mexico and Canada) were the United Kingdom (9 percent), France (7 percent), Italy (6 percent), and Germany (6 percent).

Americans who traveled abroad had an above-average median household income of $96,500. The average traveler spent $1,351 on airfare and $1,320 at their destination.

Source: Office of Travel and Tourism Industries, Profile of U.S. Resident Travelers Visiting Overseas Destinations: 2011 Outbound

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