Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How Many Shop on an Average Day?

Percentage of Americans aged 15 or older who participated in selected primary activities on an average day in 2015...

79.9% watched television
56.9% prepared food
42.1% worked
40.4% shopped for consumer goods
36.3% did housework
20.7% cared for household children
20.4% participated in sports, exercise, or recreation
17.0% took care of pets or animals
13.6% talked on the telephone
  9.9% participated in religious activities
  9.8% cared for lawn or garden
  6.5% volunteered
  5.9% managed household and personal email
  5.7% managed household and personal mail
  5.0% attended a class
  3.6% visited a medical provider
  1.3% searched for a job

Note: A primary activity is an individual's main activity.
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, American Time Use Survey—2015 Results

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