Friday, October 21, 2016

College Enrollment Declined in 2015

College enrollment fell again in 2015, according to the Census Bureau's Current Population Survey. Only 19.1 million students were enrolled in college in 2015—74,000 fewer than in 2014 and 1.2 million fewer than in 2010. College enrollment has been declining since 2011.

Almost all of the enrollment decline is occurring at two-year schools. Behind the decline is the improving economy, luring two-year students back into the job market.

College enrollment in 2015 (and change since 2010)
Total enrollment: 19.1 million (–1,174,000, a 5.8% decline)
Two-year schools: 4.7 million (–1,187,000, a 20.1% decline)
Four-year schools: 10.7 million (+266,000, a 2.5% increase)
Graduate schools: 3.7 million (–253,000, a 6.5% decline)

Source: Census Bureau, School Enrollment

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