Monday, December 26, 2016

Population Growth by Region, 2010 to 2016

Long-term regional growth patterns continue, according to the Census Bureau's latest population estimates. The South and West are growing faster than the Northeast and Midwest and account for an expanding majority of the population—61.6 percent of the 323 million U.S. residents lived in the South and West on July 1, 2016, up from 60.4 percent in 2010.

US population by region (and percent change 2010–16)
Northeast: 56 million, 17.4 percent of the total (1.5%)
Midwest: 68 million, 21.0 percent of the total (1.4%)
South: 122 million, 37.9 percent of the total (6.5%)
West: 77 million, 23.7 percent of the total (6.3%)

Source: Census Bureau, Population Estimates

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