Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Better Times Ahead

Percent who agree with the statement "America's best times are yet to come"...

Blacks: 59%
Hispanics: 44%
Whites: 40%

Source: Washington Post/Kaiser Family Foundation/Harvard University, Race and Recession Survey


Anonymous said...

Do they have a time series on this? Is this normal or have has the white population's opinion gone down since, oh, let's say 2008?

Cheryl Russell said...

There is no time series on this, but other surveys show blacks to be more optimistic than whites. There are two reasons for blacks' greater optimism: they are younger than whites, and they have been progressing socioeconomically over the past few decades.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Cheryl. I'm not sure what to think of the 40% number, almost seems scary. The last 20 years have been very tough for non-college graduates, a period of no pick-up in the rate of college attainment among whites.