Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Problem with High-Deductible Health Plans

The problem is, people won't go to the doctor or take their medicine. That's what research shows, according to a study by the Employee Benefit Research Institute. It compared access to health care among people in traditional health insurance plans versus those in high-deductible plans--with an individual deductible of more than $1,000 a year and a family deductible of more than $2,000 a year.

The study examined whether individuals had done any of the following during the past year: not filling a prescription due to cost, skipping doses to make a medication last longer, or delaying or avoiding getting health care due to cost. The results show that 42 percent of those in high-deductible plans had delayed or avoided getting health care versus a smaller (but still substantial) 31 percent of those in traditional plans.

Source: Employee Benefit Research Institute, Use of Health Care Services and Access Issues by Type of Health Plan: Findings from the EBRI/MGA Consumer Engagement in Health Care Survey

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