Monday, March 25, 2013

Attitudes toward Marijuana

Nearly half of Americans aged 18 or older now favor the legalization of marijuana. Over the past four decades, support has waxed and waned in a generally upward direction...

Percent supporting legalization of marijuana
2012: 47%
2010: 48%
2000: 33%
1990: 16%
1980: 25%
1973: 20%

One factor behind the rising overall support is generational replacement. In 2012, the 55 percent majority of the millennial generation (aged 18 to 35) supported legalization. This compares with 49 percent of boomers (aged 48 to 66), 42 percent of generation Xers (aged 36 to 47), and 33 percent of older Americans (aged 67 or older).

But changing attitudes are also behind growing support for the legalization of marijuana. Take a look at how attitudes have changed among baby boomers (born 1946 through 1964) over the years. In 1990, only 19 percent of boomers favored the legalization of marijuana. By 2000, the figure had grown to 32 percent. In 2012, nearly half supported marijuana's legalization.

Source: Survey Documentation and Analysis, University of California-Berkeley, General Social Surveys 1972-2012 Cumulative Datafile

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