Thursday, August 08, 2013

Cable versus Netflix

The 53 percent majority of American households subscribe to cable television service. But boomers and older Americans are far more likely to get cable than Gen Xers or Millennials. Only 44 percent of households headed by Millennials are cable television subscribers, according to a Harris Interactive survey. Among Gen Xers, the figure is 47 percent. Most Boomers (56 percent) and older Americans (59 percent) subscribe to cable.

Netflix streaming service shows the opposite patten. Overall, 24 percent of households subscribe to Netflix streaming. Among Millennials, however, fully 40 percent subscribe to Netflix streaming—almost equal to cable service. The figure is 30 percent among Gen Xers, 18 percent among Boomers, and just 5 percent among older Americans.

Source: Harris Interactive, Growth in Ownership of Smartphones and Tablets Appears Largely Android-Driven

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