Monday, June 30, 2014

National Adult Tobacco Survey

Electronic cigarettes are new, their use is increasingly common, and they are controversial. Just in time to shed some light on this matter, the CDC recently surveyed tobacco use among Americans aged 18 or older, finding this percentage using tobacco either "some days" or "every day"...

Any tobacco: 21.3%
Cigarettes: 18.0%
Smokeless: 2.6%
Cigars: 2.0%
E-cigarettes: 1.9%
Hookah: 0.5%
Regular pipe: 0.3%

The CDC's National Adult Tobacco Survey collected data on the use of each type of tobacco product by sex, age, race, region, education, household income, and sexual orientation. Yes, sexual orientation. Tobacco use in general, and e-cigs in particular, are more popular among those who identify themselves as LGBT than among heterosexuals. Among LGBT, 4.5 percent use e-cigs at least some days. This compares with only 1.9 percent of heterosexuals.

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