Thursday, July 24, 2014

Out-of-Pocket Health Care Expenses

How much do Americans spend out-of-pocket on health care expenses—the co-pays, deductibles, and other amounts not covered by insurance? Among those with health care expenses, average out-of-pocket spending amounted to $703 per person in 2011 (the latest data available), according to the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey. These figures do not include out-of-pocket spending on health insurance, and they vary greatly by age and insurance status.

Annual out-of-pocket health care expenses per person, by age and insurance status:
Under age 65
Private insurance: $682
Public insurance: $253
No health insurance: $725

Aged 65 or older
Medicare only: $1,177
Medicare & private: $1,362
Medicare and other public: $605

Source: Medical Expenditure Panel Survey, Out-of-Pocket Health Care Expenses by Age and Insurance Coverage, 2011

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