Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Survey Finds 68% of Formerly Uninsured Now Have Health Insurance

Health insurance coverage has expanded greatly because of the Affordable Care Act. According to a longitudinal study of California's uninsured by the Kaiser Family Foundation, an impressive 68 percent of California residents who lacked health insurance in the summer of 2013—prior to the implementation of the ACA—were covered by health insurance when re-interviewed in the spring of 2015.

What a difference health insurance makes. When first interviewed in 2013, fully 86 percent of the uninsured said it was difficult to afford health care. It was their top financial concern. Among those who had gained health insurance by 2015, only 49 percent still felt this way, and health care costs now ranked 4th as a financial concern after rent/mortgage, utilities, and gasoline. Among those who were still uninsured in 2015, paying for health care continued to be their number-one financial concern, a problem for 85 percent.

Who remains uninsured two years after the rollout of the ACA? Fully 70 percent of the still-uninsured are Hispanic. Among them, 58 percent are undocumented immigrants and ineligible for coverage. Many Hispanics who are eligible but still uninsured say they're afraid to sign up because it might draw attention to a family member's immigration status.

Source: Kaiser Family Foundation, Survey Finds 68% of Previously Uninsured Californians Now Have Coverage

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