Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Measuring the Internet-of-Things

The Internet of Things is a growing category of technology that allows consumers to control household appliances and devices through the internet. The federal government's National Telecommunications and Information Administration is studying the Internet of Things and has solicited advice on how best to go about measuring and tracking the growing industry.

"Consumer uses of connected devices are still nascent," says the NTIA after examining the July 2015 Computer and Internet Supplement to the Current Population Survey. But it won't be long before the use of internet-connected devices is commonplace. Among the nation's internet users aged 15 or older in 2015, only 7 percent controlled household equipment—such as thermostats, light bulbs, or security systems—via the internet, says the NTIA. But among the 1 percent of Americans who used wearable devices (such as fitness bands or watches), a much larger 27 percent used the internet to control household equipment. This "highlights how wearable device users tend to be early adopters of new technology," says NTIA.

A link to more than 130 (fascinating) comments received by the NTIA is attached to the article.

Source: National Telecommunications and Information Administration, New Insights into the Emerging Internet of Things

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