Thursday, August 11, 2016

Smartphones: #1 Online Device

How Americans go online is changing. Those changes are being documented by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration as it analyzes the biennial Computer and Internet Use Supplement to the Current Population Survey. Among Americans aged 3 or older who go online at home, these are the devices they used in 2015 and 2011...

Go online at home using device, 2015 (and 2011)
Smartphone: 53% (27%)
Laptop computer: 46% (42%)
Desktop computer: 34% (45%)
Tablet computer: 29% (6%)
TV-connected device: 27% (14%)
Wearable device: 1% (0%)

Source: National Telecommunications and Information Administration, Evolving Technologies Change the Nature of Internet Use and Majority of Americans Use Multiple Internet-Connected Devices, Data Shows

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