Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Third World Nation

One in five American workers is a...

Retail salesperson
Office clerk
Food preparation/serving worker
Registered nurse
Waiter or waitress
Customer service rep

Only one of these occupations pays more than $16 per hour. Registered nurse is the exception, with an average wage of $32.56 per hour.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Employment and Wages--May 2010


Kate said...

Hi, Cheryl!

Just wondering why teachers are not on this list--do only the classroom hours figure into their hourly wage calculation? If teachers fit with this group, does that make the number 1 in 4 American workers?


Cheryl Russell said...

Kate--Teachers are not on the list because the Bureau of Labor Statistics separates the teaching occupation into elementary, secondary, and postsecondary (by subject). Thus, the number of teachers in any one of those areas is not enough to place it in the top ten. The largest group of teachers is elementary (1.485 million), which is close to being in the top ten (at least 1.8 million) but not quite.

FYI, the BLS report presents annual wages rather than hourly wages for teachers. In 2010, the annual wage was $54,330 for elementary school teachers, which is about $27/hour (dividing the annual figure by 2000 hours). Most types of teachers have wages that exceed the all-occupation mean of $21.35 per hour. --Cheryl