Sunday, June 12, 2011

Where Do the French Go on Vacation?

Glad you asked. Thanks to a study by Eurobarometer, the survey arm of the European Commission, we know the answer. Among the French who plan to take a vacation in 2011, the 57 percent majority say they will spend their main vacation in France. A distant second in popularity is Spain (6 percent), followed by Italy (3 percent).

What do the Italians say? Seventy-one percent say they will spend their main holiday in Italy. France is their second choice (4 percent), followed by Spain (4 percent).

You can get this information for 32 European countries here (click on Survey on the Attitudes of Europeans towards Tourism).

Wouldn't it be nice to have this kind of information for each state in the United States? How many people in New York plan to vacation in Florida? How many from South Carolina will vacation in North Carolina? Yes, it would be nice.


Karla Brandenburg said...

I'm doing some research and wondering if you have any demographics. If a Frenchman were to own a vacation home in Provence, where might his primary residence be?

Cheryl Russell said...

I do not have that information. Perhaps one of our readers can direct you to a source.