Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Remembrance of Winters Past

Now that one of the mildest winters on record is almost over, the time has come to wax nostalgic for those wild winters of our past. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has done the analysis, examining the Current Population Survey to identify the top weather-related work absences since 1977. These are the events--some named and some not--that resulted in the largest percentage of the labor force missing work, along with the percent who stayed home...

February 2010: Snowmageddon (4.8%)
January 1996: Blizzard of '96 (10.1%)
February 1994: Snow and ice storms (6.1%)
January 1982: Extreme cold spell (9.5%)
January 1978: Heavy snowfall (5.0%)
January 1977: Extreme cold spell (6.2%)

Outside of winter, the only other weather event that caused a noticeable spike in work absences was Hurricane Floyd in September 1999, when 2.7 percent missed work.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Issues in Labor Statistics, Work Absences Due to Bad Weather: Analysis of Data from 1977 to 2010

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