Monday, October 08, 2012

How People Get to Work

The Great Recession did little to change the way people get to work and the time it takes to get there. Average travel time to work was 25.5 minutes in 2011--about the same as the 25.3 minutes of 2007, according to the American Community Survey. This is how people got to work in 2011 (and in 2007)...

Drove alone: 76.4% (76.1%)
Carpooled: 9.7% (10.4%)
Public transportation: 5.0% (4.9%)
Walked: 2.8% (2.8%)
Other means: 1.7% (1.7%)
Worked at home: 4.3% (4.1%)

Source: Census Bureau, American Community Survey


aluchko said...

Is biking included among the 1.7%, that seems lower than I'd expect (maybe 5%).

Cheryl Russell said...

Bicycling is included in the 1.7%, and it does seem low.