Thursday, May 23, 2013

College Success Rates

In the best of all possible worlds, one-quarter of students attending a four-year college would earn a bachelor's degree each year. Unfortunately, we do not live in that world.

By comparing enrollment at four-year postsecondary institutions with the number of students earning a bachelor's degree, it is possible to estimate the success rate of these institutions. The estimates show four-year colleges to be woefully short of the 25 percent mark—especially for-profit schools. That's because many students take longer than four years to earn a bachelor's degree and others drop out before earning a degree. Among the nation's four-year postsecondary institutions in 2011-12, here is the ratio of students earning a bachelor's degree to total enrollment, by control of school...

Total four-year schools: 13%
Public four-year schools: 14%
Private, nonprofit schools: 16%
Private, for profit schools: 6%

Source: National Center for Education Statistics, Postsecondary Institutions and Cost of Attendance in 2012-13; Degrees and Other Awards Conferred, 2011-12; and 12-Month Enrollment, 2011-12

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