Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Black Smartphone Ownership by Age

The 56 percent majority of African Americans own a smartphone, according to a Pew Internet and American Life Project report. This figure is not statistically different from the 53 percent ownership rate among non-Hispanic whites.

The Pew report compares black and white technology use and device ownership. The analysis finds blacks less likely than whites to have a broadband connection at home (62 versus 74 percent) but equally likely to own a smartphone. Among young adults, blacks are much more likely than non-Hispanic whites to use Twitter (40 versus 28 percent).

African American smartphone ownership by age
Aged 18 to 29: 85%
Aged 30 to 49: 67%
Aged 50 to 64: 41%
Aged 65-plus: 18%

Source: Pew Internet and American Life Project, African Americans and Technology Use

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