Monday, November 21, 2011

Household Income Down in Third Quarter 2011

Median household income fell to $49,865 in the third quarter of 2011, according to the latest estimates released today by Sentier Research. The 2011 figure was 2.7 percent below the $51,246 median in the third quarter of 2010, after adjusting for inflation. The third-quarter household income decline was particularly sharp for householders under age 25 (down 5.8 percent) and householders aged 25 to 34 (down 7.1 percent). There was no change in the median household income of householders aged 35 to 54.

Sentier estimates that real median annual household income in September 2011 was $50,257. This was 6.6 percent below the median of June 2009--the first month of the "economic recovery" (air quotes added by Sentier). The September 2011 median was 9.6 percent below the median of December 2007, the first month of the Great Recession. Sentier's Household Income Index for September 2011 was 89.5, well below the 100.0 base level of January 2000.

For more about Sentier's Household Income Index, see this earlier post.
Source: Sentier Research, The September 2011 Household Income Index (HII) and Third Quarter 2011 Household Income

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