Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Uninsured Low-Income Americans by State

State of residence is becoming a matter of life and death for many. Low-income Americans who live in states that refused to expand Medicaid are far less likely to have health insurance than their counterparts in states that expanded Medicaid—and the gap is growing.

Among Americans aged 18 to 64 with incomes below 138% of poverty level, this is the percentage without health insurance as of April-September, 2014, by age and state Medicaid expansion status (and percentage-point change in uninsured from 2013 to September 2014)...

Aged 18 to 34
Medicaid expansion states: 26.1% (-9.1)
Non-expansion states: 44.9% (-0.7%)

Aged 35 to 44
Medicaid expansion states: 30.3% (-8.8)
Non-expansion states: 47.1% (-4.6)

Aged 45 to 64
Medicaid expansion states: 18.8% (-12.1)
Non-expansion states: 35.3% (-6.2)

Source: National Center for Health Statistics, Insurance Status by State Medicaid Expansion Status: Early Release of Estimates from the National Health Interview Survey, 2013-September 2014

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