Thursday, February 21, 2019

Most Whites Do Not Perceive Local Discrimination

When Americans are asked whether Blacks in their community are treated less fairly than Whites, attitudes are strikingly different depending on whether the respondent is Black or White, according to a Gallup survey. The majority of Blacks think Blacks are treated less fairly than Whites in a variety of local situations. Few Whites agree or perhaps are unaware of local problems. Here are the percentages who Blacks and Whites who think Blacks are treated less fairly than Whites in their community by type of situation...

Dealing with police, such as traffic incidents
Blacks: 77%
Whites: 45%

On the job or at work
Blacks: 60%
Whites: 22%

In stores downtown or the shopping mall
Blacks: 59%
Whites: 25%

In restaurants, bars, theaters or other entertainment places
Blacks: 50%
Whites: 22%

In getting healthcare from doctors and hospitals
Blacks: 49%
Whites: 17%

In neighborhood shops
Blacks: 48%
Whites: 22%

Source: Gallup, Americans Less Satisfied with Treatment of Minority Groups

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