Tuesday, March 10, 2020

8.6 Trips Per Day Out of the Average Household

Stir crazy may be the best way to describe the American public over the next few weeks. We are accustomed to being out and about. Staying at home will be a new experience for the growing number who are practicing social distancing or in self-quarantine to slow the spread of Covid-19.

For the average household, a household member walks out the door 8.6 times per day. That's 3.37 trips a day for each household member. Here's how those person trips break down...

Person trips per day (and average miles traveled per person) by trip purpose
Total per person: 3.37 trips (39 miles)
Going to work: 0.59 trips (7 miles)
Shopping/errands: 1.3 trips (10 miles)
School/church: 0.37 trips (3 miles)
Social/recreation: 0.93 trips (11 miles)

The number of person trips per day does not vary much by age, ranging from a low of 2.8 trips for children under age 16 to a high of 3.7 for people aged 35 to 65. The number of miles traveled per day ranges from a low of 25 for children to a high of 45 for people aged 21 to 65.

Source: Federal Highway Administration, National Household Travel Survey, Summary of Travel Trends: 2017 National Household Travel Survey

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