Thursday, January 26, 2006

Talking about demographics

Everyone likes a good story. That's why there are bestseller lists, top-rated television shows, and box office hits. This blog will tell stories about the fast-changing American population, using the demographics to reveal what lies ahead.

Anyone can collect statistics, but shaping them into a compelling story, one that explains the world around us, is a harder task. It requires connecting the dots, sticking your neck out, and learning from mistakes. I’ve been telling the stories revealed by the demographics for almost three decades in various guises--as editor-in-chief of American Demographics magazine, as editor of The Boomer Report, as author of 100 Predictions for the Baby Boom and other books, and now as editorial director for New Strategist Publications.

Stories about demographic trends may not make the bestseller list, but they can be just as compelling for people who love the demographics like I do. And I'm not alone. From the mail and email I've received over the years, I know there are a lot of you who love to compare, contrast, criticize, and converse about the latest turn of a trend. This blog is for you. It is for those who miss the forum provided by American Demographics magazine, for those who look forward to the Census Bureau's release of the latest income and poverty statistics each year, and for those who want to keep up with labor force trends, spending patterns, and time use statistics.

Let's talk.


nonportunity said...

A great idea. Much needed. Keep it coming!

Anonymous said...

great stuff, glad you're doing it.