Friday, April 18, 2014

The World's Most Popular Food

Will you dine on the world's most popular food today? The answer is "yes" if you plan to eat pizza, according to the USDA. In an analysis of pizza consumption, government researchers estimate that a substantial 13 percent of Americans aged 2 or older eat pizza on an average day. A government analysis of pizza consumption might seem a bit silly, but it's actually important because the dish plays such a big role in the American diet. Pizza accounts for a large portion of our daily intake of protein, calcium, sodium, and other nutrients—not to mention calories.

Younger Americans eat the most pizza. Twenty-two percent of children and teenagers (aged 6 to 19) eat pizza on an average day. Among those who do, the largest share have it for lunch (44 percent) and another 42 percent for dinner. The remainder eats it as a snack (10 percent) or even for breakfast (4 percent).

The likelihood of eating pizza on a given day declines with age to a low of 6 percent among people aged 60 or older. Among adults who eat pizza, the 59 percent majority have it for dinner, 28 percent for lunch, 11 percent as a snack, and 2 percent for breakfast.

Source: USDA, Food Surveys Research Group, Consumption of Pizza, What We Eat in America, NHANES 2007-2010

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