Monday, December 01, 2014

Who Likes Their Health Care?

How do Americans rate their health care? It depends on their health insurance status. The percentage who give the health care they received in the past year the highest rating (a 9 or 10 on a scale of 0 to 10) ranges from a low of 37 percent among people without health insurance to a high of more than 60 percent among people on Medicare.

Because health insurance coverage depends on age, how people feel about their health care varies greatly by age. Young adults under age 26, many covered by their parents' health insurance thanks to the Affordable Care Act, have a higher opinion of the health care they received than those aged 26 to 34—the age group most likely to be uninsured. People aged 65 or older, universally covered by Medicare, are the ones most impressed with their health care.

Percent rating their health care a 9 or 10
18 to 25: 45.7%
26 to 34: 39.7%
35 to 44: 42.0%
45 to 54: 47.1%
55 to 64: 55.3%
65-plus: 62.2%

Source: Medical Expenditure Panel Survey, 2012 Quality of Care Tables

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