Monday, January 04, 2016

Births to Unmarried Women by State, 2014

Among the nearly 4 million babies born in 2014, a substantial 40.2 percent were born to unmarried women. The percentage of babies born out-of-wedlock varies greatly by state, with the majority born out of wedlock in three states and the District of Columbia...

States with the highest percentage of births out of wedlock
Mississippi: 54.0%
Louisiana: 52.7%
New Mexico: 51.3%
District of Columbia: 50.2%

States with the lowest percentage of births out of wedlock
Utah: 18.6%
Colorado: 22.4%
Idaho: 27.8%
Washington: 32.1%

Source: National Center for Health Statistics, Births: Final Data for 2014, Supplemental Tables

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