Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Lots of Job Openings, Lots of Hiring

Job seekers might be interested in a Monthly Labor Review analysis of which industries always need lots of workers. Two stand out: professional and business services, and accommodation and food services. Both industries have high rates of job openings and hires. "The simultaneous high rates indicate that, in spite of strong hiring, even more employees are needed," reports the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A look at average earnings in each industry reveals different processes at work in creating these behemoths of job opportunity...
  • The earnings of those employed in professional and business services (a category that includes legal, accounting, architecture, engineering, and computer services, as well as temporary help agencies) is one of the highest, an average of $29.28 per hour. Professional and business services is continually hiring because of the rapidly expanding need for skilled tech workers. 
  • The earnings of those employed in accommodation and food services is the lowest of any industry, an average of $13.03 per hour. Accommodation and food services is continually hiring because workers use it as a stepping stone to better-paying jobs.
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Monthly Labor Review, Which Industries Need Workers? Exploring Differences in Labor Market Activity

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