Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Digital Economy is 6.5% of GDP

How big is the digital economy? If you've been trying to figure this out, you're in luck. The Bureau of Economic Analysis has produced the first estimates of the size of the digital economy "within the framework of the national accounts." Of course, defining what is and is not a part of the digital economy is a difficult task, and the BEA struggles with it. This first estimate includes only goods and services that are exclusively or primarily digital. It excludes the IoT (internet of things). And the BEA invites the public to improve upon its work, providing an email address for feedback.
  • In 2016, the digital economy accounted for 6.5 percent ($1,209.2 billion) of the nation's $18,624.5 billion GDP. It ranks 7th among industries in its share of GDP—just above wholesale trade and just below professional, scientific and technical services.  
  • The digital economy accounted for 5.9 million jobs in 2016, or 3.9 percent of the total. The digital economy's share of employment is lower than in its share of GDP, ranking 12th among industries in employment. 
  • The digital economy pays more than the average industry. Workers in the digital economy earn an average annual compensation of $114,275, much higher than the $66,498 annual compensation for the average worker.
Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis, Defining and Measuring the Digital Economy

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