Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Most Democrats Are Afraid of Global Warming

Americans are polarized on many issues, and fear of global warming/climate change is one of them. The public is almost evenly divided on the spectrum of fear towards global warming, according to the Chapman University Survey of American Fears. Among all adults, 26 percent are "very afraid" of global warming/climate change, and 27 percent are "afraid." Another 23 percent are only "slightly afraid" of global warming, and 24 percent are "not afraid."

Behind the divide are the differing attitudes of Democrats and Republicans. While three out of four Democrats are afraid of global warming (afraid or very afraid), three out of four Republicans are not (slightly afraid or not afraid).

Fear of global warming/climate change by party affiliation, 2018

  Democrats   Republicans
Total  100.0%   100.0%
Very afraid    43.0       5.5
Afraid    33.6     20.3
Slightly afraid    17.8     32.3
Not afraid      5.7     41.8

Source: Chapman University Survey of American Fears, Top 10 Fears by Party Affiliation

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