Wednesday, November 04, 2020

How Much Will You Inherit?

If you're in the top tiers of the household wealth distribution, chances are it's because your parents (and their parents) were generous with their money. Up to one-half of total household wealth is attributable to intergenerational transfers, reports a Federal Reserve analysis of trends in the distribution of wealth. So, it's no surprise that the wealthiest households are the ones who expect to receive the largest inheritances. Here are inheritance expectations by household net worth percentiles...

Size of Expected Inheritance by Household Net Worth Percentile, 2019
Net worth percentile    Expected inheritance
Top 1 percent          $941,100
Next 9 percent          $266,600
Next 40 percent            $60,100
Bottom 50 percent            $29,400

Not sure where your net worth ranks in the U.S. wealth distribution? Among all households, median net worth was $121,800 in 2019. Among households in the top 10 percent of net worth, median net worth was $2.6 million and average net worth was $5.7 million. 

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