Wednesday, November 18, 2020

What Americans Own

Almost all American households own something of value. Fully 99.6 percent of households owned one or more of the assets measured by the Federal Reserve Board's 2019 Survey of Consumer Finances. But only four kinds of assets are owned by most households: transaction accounts (checking and savings accounts), vehicles, a home, and a retirement account. 

Here is the percentage of households owning each type of asset, ranked from most to least common, and the median value of the assets for households that own them:

               percent of
households owning
   median value
        for owners
Any asset99.6%$227,600
Checking/savings accounts98.2%$5,300
Primary residence64.9%$225,000
Retirement account50.5%$65,000
Cash value life insurance19.0%$9,000
Stocks (directly owned)15.2%$25,000
Business equity13.4%$89,100
Other residential property13.1%$160,000
Pooled investment (mutual) funds9.0%$110,000
Certificates of deposit7.7%$25,000
Savings bonds7.5%$800
Equity in nonresidential property6.7%$72,000
Other managed assets5.9%$115,000
Bonds (directly owned)1.1%$121,000

Source: Federal Reserve Board, 2019 Survey of Consumer Finances

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