Thursday, May 13, 2021

Who Favors Proof of Vaccination?

The majority of American adults are in favor of businesses requiring proof of vaccination before people can participate in certain activities over the next few months, according to a Gallup survey. Overall, 57 percent favor requiring proof of vaccination for air travel and 55 percent for attending events with large crowds. 

There is a deep partisan split on whether businesses should require proof of vaccination, however. The majority of Democrats favor proof of vaccination for all of the selected activities, while only about a quarter or fewer Republicans feel the same way.

Percent who favor businesses requiring proof of vaccination before participation in activity
    total    Democrats  Republicans
Air travel     57%         85%       28%
Events with large crowds     55         82       25
Where you work*     45         69       16
Hotel stay     44         66       22
Dine in restaurant     40         62       19

*This question was asked only of those who are employed. 

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