Thursday, November 05, 2015

Men 65-Plus Who Work Full-Time

Overall, 15.1 percent of men aged 65 or older work full-time, but the figure varies greatly by educational attainment...

Men aged 65 or older who work full-time by highest level of education
  7.5%: no high school diploma
12.6%: high school graduate only
15.0%: some college
14.5%: Associate's degree
20.7%: Bachelor's degree
16.8%: Master's degree
28.5%: Doctoral degree
32.6%: Professional degree

The pattern is the same for women, although the percentages are less. Among women aged 65 or older, the percentage who work full-time ranges from 4 percent among those with less than a high school education to a high of 24 percent among those with a professional degree.

Source: Census Bureau, 2015 Current Population Survey

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