Tuesday, July 19, 2016

$7 Trillion in Accessible Housing Wealth

How much housing wealth is accessible to Americans? The answer is $7 trillion, according to an Urban Institute study—or an average of $133,810 per owned home in 2015. This calculation is based on total housing wealth ($11 trillion) and today's lending standards, which allow homeowners to extract 75 to 85 percent of their current home value minus outstanding housing debt. At the 75 percent lending standard, this is the average wealth accessible to homeowners by age, and the percentage of owners who have accessible housing wealth...

Average accessible net housing wealth for owners (and % with accessible wealth)
Aged 18 to 29: $72,000 (44%)
Aged 30 to 39: $81,000 (45%)
Aged 40 to 49: $108,000 (60%)
Aged 50 to 59: $130,000 (73%)
Aged 60 to 64: $145,000 (80%)
Aged 65 to 69: $155,000 (84%)
Aged 70-plus: $161,000 (92%)

The study finds housing wealth concentrated in the hands of older Americans and by state and local area. Average net housing wealth by local area ranges from a high of $1,487,000 in the Menlo Park and East Palo Alto areas of San Mateo County, California, to a low of $27,000 in the city of Detroit.

Source: Urban Institute, How Much House Do Americans Really Own?

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