Thursday, April 19, 2012

Homeowners with a Mortgage

The nation's 49 million homeowners with a mortgage outnumber homeowners without a mortgage (30 million) and renters (42 million). Their incomes and spending are higher than average. Here are some of the characteristics of the average homeowner with a mortgage...

Average annual...
Household income: $88,962
Household spending: $63,235

Average number of...
People per household: 2.9
Vehicles per household: 2.5
Earners per household: 1.6

Average annual spending on...
Federal income tax: $1,939
Health insurance (out-of-pocket): $2,071
Gasoline: $2,764
Property taxes: $3,008
Eating out: $3,135
Entertainment: $3,423
Mortgage interest: $8,031

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010 Consumer Expenditure Survey

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