Monday, April 09, 2012

iPhones Reduce Deceptive Advertising

That is the finding from a study of ski resort advertising claims, a study that just happened to coincide with the introduction of a new iPhone app that allowed skiers to share information about snow conditions. What happened next is a lesson for every business.

Typically, ski resorts exaggerate levels of natural snowfall in their advertising--especially on weekends, according to researchers at the National Bureau of Economic Research. Skiers have learned to view these snowfall claims skeptically. Interestingly, while the researchers were conducting the study--which focused on deceptive advertising--a new iPhone app became available that allowed skiers to easily share information about snow conditions in real time. The result: "Exaggeration falls sharply, especially at resorts with better iPhone reception."

Source: National Bureau of Economic Research, Wintertime for Deceptive Advertising?

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