Thursday, April 26, 2012

Many More Young Asians and Blacks

After months of dribbling out, state-by-state, detailed race data from the 2010 census, the Census Bureau finally gave it up today with a monumental release of Summary File 2 tables. What a difference they make in our understanding of the Asian and black populations.

31 Percent More Young Asians
The 2010 census counted 15 million people who identify themselves as Asian alone. But there are 17 million people who identify themselves as Asian alone or Asian in combination with other races. And not until today did we know the age distribution of those additional 2 million people. Here's why that's important: the 54 percent majority of the additional Asians are under age 20 because so many parents identified their children as multiracial. By including multiracial Asians in the mix, the number of Asians under age 20 expands by 31 percent!

11 Percent More Young Blacks
The black population also expands enormously when multiracial blacks are added to the mix. The black alone population numbered 40 million in 2010. The black alone or black in combination population numbered 42 million. Seventy-nine percent of the additional blacks are under age 20. By including multiracial blacks in the mix, the number of blacks under age 20 grows by 11 percent.

For marketers, these differences are huge.

Source: Bureau of the Census, 2010 Census, American Factfinder

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