Thursday, April 12, 2012

Projections of 2012 Voters

Nearly 18 million African Americans will vote in the 2012 presidential election, according to projections produced by Demo Memo Blog. A substantial one in eight voters will be black.

Hispanics will cast 11.6 million votes. The Hispanic vote will be smaller than the black vote because there are fewer Hispanic than black citizens and because Hispanics are much less likely than blacks to vote. Among citizens, only 49.9 percent of Hispanics voted in 2008 compared with 64.7 percent of blacks.

Non-Hispanic whites overwhelm most elections and 2012 will be no exception. Nearly 102 million non-Hispanic whites will vote on election day.

Projections of 2012 Voters by Race and Hispanic Origin
Total voters: 137.1 million (100%)
Non-Hispanic white: 101.7 million (74%)
Black: 17.8 million (13%)
Hispanic: 11.6 million (8%)

Source: Demo Memo Blog, estimates based on 2008-10 population growth rates and 2008 voting rates by race and Hispanic origin

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