Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Early May Reactions to the Coronavirus

58% of those going to work are somewhat/very concerned about exposing members of their household to the coronavirus after being exposed at work.
Washington Post-Ipsos Coronavirus Employment Survey (April 27-May 4)

79% of workers who have been laid off because of coronavirus think “the U.S. should keep trying to slow the spread of the coronavirus, even if that means keeping many businesses closed.” Among all Americans, 74% think we should go slow.
Washington Post-Ipsos Coronavirus Employment Survey (April 27-May 4)

72% say they would get vaccinated if there were a Covid-19 vaccine.
—Pew Research Center, Most Americans Expect a Covid-19 Vaccine within a Year; 72% Say They Would Get Vaccinated (April 29-May 5)

73% think the better option right now is for people to stay home as much as possible to avoid contracting or spreading the coronavirus.
Gallup, Social Distancing Eases as Some States Lift Restrictions (May 10)

54% are very/extremely concerned that limiting restrictions in their area will result in more people being infected. 75% of Democrats and 32% of Republicans are very/extremely concerned.
—AP-NORC Poll, Many Are Wary of Re-Opening (May 14-18)

65% say they have avoided public places in the past week, down from 78% in early April.
63% have avoided small gatherings in the past week, down from 84% in early April.
—Gallup, More Americans Venturing Out in Public; Most Still Isolating (May 17)

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