Tuesday, May 19, 2020

What One Word Comes to Mind When You Think of Trump?

"When you think about Donald Trump today, what is the single word that you think best describes him?" This question was asked by PRRI in its 2019 American Values Survey. Overall, 62 percent of the public responded with a negative word, 26 percent a positive word, and 12 percent a neutral word. PRRI researcher Daniel Greenberg analyzed the negative responses.

"Some respondents included obscene language in their responses," Greenberg notes. "These obscene responses are included for data purposes only." In the interest of social science, prepare to hear some nasty language. Ok, maybe not that nasty. Greenberg's analysis shields us from the worst, but it does include some juicy bits.

Asshole, for example, is mentioned and classified as a "negative personality" response. Others in this category are bully and liar. The "negative intellect" category includes such terms as stupid, moron, and joke. In the "negative ego" category are the terms narcissist, arrogant, and selfish. Finally, there's the "extremely negative" category, which includes corrupt, bigot, crazy, evil, and sociopath.

Not surprisingly, the "extremely negative" group is the most pro-Democratic, according to the analysis. Among those who provided an "extremely negative" word, 75 percent voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. This compares with 61 percent of those who provided a "negative personality" word, 57 percent of those who gave a "negative intellect" word, and 49 percent of those who volunteered a "negative ego" word. Among all those who provided a negative one-word description of Trump, Democrats account for the 53 percent majority. Another 37 percent are independents. Five percent are Republicans.

Source: PRRI, Data Reveals the First Word Americans Connect to Trump

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